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How we work

To begin with, an initial  review of your current financial position provides the foundation to understand what you need, want or are aiming to achieve.  You will need to set aside some time for an initial 'face-to-face' meeting with an adviser - our offices are ideal for this.

There is no charge for the initial meeting and no obligation - together, we can discuss your needs and objectives, how they could realistically be met and how Parker Castle would be paid - before you decide to go ahead.  Our How we are paid page contains further information.

When you agree to proceed, a detailed ‘fact find’ of your personal and financial circumstances is essential, to ensure that advice given and recommendations made suit your needs, objectives, preferences and risk profile. This could also reveal other important matters that need urgent or near-future attention.

Your adviser will provide you with a comprehensive, professional report, clearly explaining and informing you of options, benefits, priorities and any risks for your consideration and further discussion as required. When you are happy with and understand our advice and recommendations, forms can then be completed, submitted and the transaction(s) completed.

For the future you can choose the level of on-going advice and service you want – your adviser will discuss the options available with you. Contact us today to arrange a meeting.