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How we are paid

We are an advice-led company and we charge fees for our expertise and knowledge when providing the advice and implementation of our recommendations.  Our ‚ÄúService Proposition" document provides full details.

To suit your preference, you are offered  flexibility on how you wish to pay our fee. The options available to you are:

  • Payment directly from you


  • Payment facilitated by the provider (see below)


  • A combination of direct payment and facilitation.

Direct fee payment from you

You choose to pay the agreed fee directly by cheque.

Payment facilitated by the provider

You could request that the provider(s) pays our fee by deducting the appropriate amount prior to investing / crediting the net amount to your product(s) / plan(s).

Combination of direct payment and facilitated fee (see above)

Protection Products

Where Parker Castle receives commission form the provider(s) of the financial product(s) we transact on your behalf, it may be used to offset our fees.  Any balance of fee due after offset will be invoiced to you.

Under current legislation, VAT is not payable if your intention is to arrange a product.  If you instruct Parker Castle on this basis and the transaction does not proceed - for any reason(s) - we reserve the right to charge an advice fee for the cost our time spent in dealing with you.